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What currency are your rates listed in?

All pricing is quoted in Canadian (CAD) dollars.


Is Power Supplied with my booth?

In most cases no. This is decided by Show Management and/or the Event Organizers. If power is supplied, the Exhibitors Manual will generally indicate this. If you're unsure please don't hesitate to give us a call and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to help.

I just need a regular 120 volt household/office outlet - which one is it?

The very first item listed on our order form under the category of Basic Power is what you are looking for. The 1500 watt, 120 volt duplex outlet.

How do I know what power I will need for my requirement? 

There is a label/sticker on all products sold in Canada. If you look on the back of your product (usually located near where the electrical cord is) you will see the label. It will tell you how many amps and/or watts the equipment requires to operate. 



The following matrix lists some equipment examples commonly seen at trade & consumer shows:



Blender1500 watt circuit

Cash Register1500 watt circuit

Debit/Credit Card Machine1500 watt circuit

Laptop/Computer with monitor & printer1500 watt circuit

Lighting (please add the wattage of the bulbs up)1500 watt circuit

Stereo1500 watt circuit

TV’s1500 watt circuit

VCR/DVD players1500 watt circuit

Vacuum cleaners1500 watt circuit

Sewing machines1500 watt circuit

**a 1500w circuit will handle 2 of the above items plugged into it (in most cases)



Coffee Maker1500 watt circuit

Crock Pot/Slow Cooker1500 – 2000 watt circuit

Toaster Oven1500 watt circuit

Griddle1500 – 2000 watt circuit

Electric Frying Pan1500 watt circuit

Hair Dryer/Curling Iron1500 watt circuit

Heat lamps1500 watt circuit

Hot plate1500 watt circuit

Kettle1500 watt circuit

Microwave1500 watt circuit

Iron1500 watt circuit

Popcorn Machine1500 – 2000 watt circuit

**most items with any kind of heating element requires their own circuit (nothing else can be plugged into the power source or the circuit or the breaker will overload)


May I wire or connect my own equipment on-site?

No, you may not perform hardwire power connections. NONiS Electrical Services holds the electrical permit on all events it supplies electrical services to. All hardwire power connections and on-site cable installations must be done by NONiS ELECTRICAL SERVICES to ensure all electrical codes and building regulations are adhered to. This is for the protection of the exhibitors, attendees, facility staff and employees of all sub-contractors.

How many things can I plug into a basic 1500 watt circuit?

In many cases, you may connect multiple items to a basic 1500 watt circuit, providing the total wattage being drawn does not exceed 1500 watts (approximately 12 amps). Most times you will be provided with 2 outlets on a 1500 watt circuit to plug into. We recommend bringing your own CSA approved power bar/surge protectors with you to plug into our power supply with, and then you will have multiple outlets in the power bar/surge protector to use.

What is the 1500w C/W 24-hour power for?

If you need to have a continuous power draw (24 hours a day for the length of the show) you need to order 24-hour power from NONIS ELECTRICAL SERVICES. Examples where this service is applicable include power for refrigeration equipment, freezers, aquariums, aviaries, fax machines, etc. 

Where is my power located?

Normally power outlets are installed at the rear of your booth or the back wall drape line. 

Does the facility have power to service my show?

Most facilities have the basic electrical framework to sustain a variety of functions. However, the power within the building is not usually configured to meet the exhibitor’s requirements for trade/consumer show use. NONiS ELECTRICAL SERVICES provides temporary electrical distribution of that power. It is our function to safely, efficiently and economically distribute electrical services from the main distribution point to the required locations on the show floor.

Is the power costs a per day charge? 

No, our pricing is for the duration of the show.

What taxes am I required to pay?

For all orders placed, applicable taxes will be charged. The current applicable taxes in British Columbia are 5% GST as well as 7% PST. These taxes are applicable to all orders not being resold to another party accompanied by an applicable BC PST number. 

Can I get a discount on my electric & lighting order? 

YES! We want to get your requirements as soon as possible. This is why we offer an early bird discount rate for orders placed before the designated deadline date stated on the order form. The deadline date allows us to plan the process. The time prior to your shows move-in is devoted to determining how much equipment is required - order/receive material - schedule labour effectively and prepare floor layouts. Orders can still be placed right up until before the event opens, however services will be charged at our standard regular rates. So please, to save money and help us plan effectively and efficiently, place your order by the early bird deadline date.

Should I Bring Extension Cords and Power Bars for my Booth?

Outlets in booths are usually installed along the rear drape line. Extension cords provide you with the ability to take power to other locations within your booth. A standard 1500 watt outlet can support a number of electrical equipment (see above EQUIPMENT/POWER GUIDELINES). There are however, a limited number of outlets to plug in to. A power bar can easily solve this problem.

Always Consider Lighting?

Lighting can dramatically change the impact of your exhibit, no matter the size. Used effectively, lighting can emphasize specific areas of your booth or highlight products. And remember - exhibits surrounding your own will usually have lights installed. The effect of lights around you will cause your own exhibit to appear dark and therefore less inviting.

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